Spezialistin Erklaert Patientin Huefte

Motion is Lotion

I remember seeing a sign in the rehab center I worked in shortly after I graduated, which was conspicuously positioned on the wall so that all patients could see. I appreciated the signs then and have always remained fond of these words. Over the years I’ve come to like many adages, but “motion is lotion” … Read more

Serious Woman Stretching Her Leg

Sports Therapy and Adolescent Injuries

Dr. Hernandez was a featured guest on WBAI’s “Walden’s Pond“, a weekly radio show hosted by Shelton Walden. Listen to him speak about sports therapy, adolescent injuries, the importance of analyzing movement, and common reasons for musculoskeletal injury. Your browser does not support the audio element. Please download the file to listen.

Physical Therapy

Managing and Preventing Low Back Pain

Dr. Hernandez was a featured guest on “The Internet Chronicle” weekly radio show hosted by Patricia McDow. Listen to him speak about managing and preventing low back pain. Your browser does not support the audio element. Please download the file to listen.

Frau Macht Dehnübungen Vor Dem Sport

Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

Many returning and novice exercisers are resolving to get in shape by beginning a walking program. While the benefits of such a regimen are numerous, it is prudent to be aware of some of the downsides that come with walking. It’s not uncommon where walkers become overzealous in reaching their goals, whether that is reaching … Read more

Physiotherapeutin Mit Patientin An Lendenwirbelsäule

The Silver Lining in this Dreaded Winter Snowfall

As much as we all despise these heavy snow accumulations and all of the ill effects it has on our day to day lives, there’s a silver lining in these seemingly dreadful days. For those that are ambitious enough to shovel, nix the snow blower and pass up on the kids that come by to … Read more

Senior Hebt Hanteln Bei Physiotherapie

The Silver Lining In Injuries

“I think I’m jumping higher”, says Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Since April of 2012, after sustaining an ACL injury during the first round of the NBA Playoffs, Derrick Rose has been sidelined. The significance behind his recent statement is that although injuries can be catastrophic, both to the mind and body, often times … Read more

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