It takes vision, confidence and expertise to succeed. The vision of Dr. Ivan Hernandez is clear. His vision is to get people active. As a father, healer, fitness enthusiast and Doctor of Physical Therapy, his primary purpose in life is to help people live a life that is gratifying and to obtain that gratification one must be well. Dr. Hernandez graduated from New York University’s inaugural Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2001. He is a Clinical instructor for New York Medical College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. He achieved his board certification in Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in the state of New York. A certified Specialist in Selective Functional Movement Assessments, Dr. Hernandez feels that teaching gives him purpose. “Teaching gives me an opportunity to educate those that are eager to help others, as well as giving me personal fulfillment in knowing that I’ve contributed positively to humanity,” says Dr. Hernandez, who has been teaching for more than 10 years.Dr. Hernandez opened his practice, Executive Park Orthopedic and Sports Therapy in Yonkers, NY in 2006. He serves both men and women, all ages, all ethnicities who seek to move better, live better, recover from injury, eliminate pain and maintain optimal wellness. According to Dr. Hernandez, “I see the patient as a whole and not the sum of one’s parts. I’m not just treating the knee, but I’m treating his entire kinetic chain so that he can go up a flight of stairs, squat to lift his daughter, and run with exuberance, all having an ultimate purpose, which is allowing one to enjoy life.” Dr. Hernandez wants to help people achieve their ultimate fitness and wellness goals. “We are arguably the richest country in the world yet we are ranked 43rd in life expectancy rates,” says Dr. Hernandez. His personal fitness principles are centered on the idea that he wants to be a physical image of empowerment.

In 2014, Dr. Hernandez, who appeared to be a pillar of health suffered a mild heart attack due to overwhelming life stress. His life changed severely; personally, financially, mentally and physically. Family illnesses, legal turmoil and spiritual attacks on his mental state, Dr. Hernandez turned pain into productivity. He focused on working out and a high level of fitness in order to keep his sanity and supplement his anger. Now, as a father of two boys, ages 14 and 8, he is prepared to share his story in hopes it will empower and inspire others. “Life will inevitably cast stones at you, but it depends on your perception of these obstacles because often times when perceived the right way, decoded, and stripped from its exterior shell, are stones that align themselves to form a path that leads to elevated horizons and personal fulfillment,” says Dr. Hernandez.

Currently, he is working on his first book which will focus on four areas of wellness: financial, spiritual, mental and physical. In addition to writing, running his successful physical therapy practice, Dr. Hernandez is embarking on building and expanding his brand through television, social media, product development and motivational speaking. He is determined to take his message and passion for health and wellness to the masses. His speaking topics include; entrepreneurship, fitness, health, performance, wellness, injury, pain, altered movement, stress management, weight loss and empowerment.

Dr. Hernandez continues to work with professional athletes, celebrities as well as integrating a unique brand expansion by working on a fitness column entitled, “Body Remix” on In 2016, he will launch several programs which include a Health is Wealth campaign, Get Up and Walk movement (to discourage people from sitting to much), the S.L.A.B Life (Surmounting, Life’s, Adversities Boldly) video series and Dr. Ivan’s Perseverance Platform (activity, wellness, strength, agility, weight loss, nutrition) and several other products are set to roll out in 2016. From business to philanthropy, his charitable background includes helping underserved children, serving youth who have lived in fatherless homes, breast cancer awareness and obesity prevention.