Men and Women Suffering from Diastasis Recti Find Treatment and Help in Elmsford and Yonkers

Executive Park Physical Therapy of Yonkers and Elmsford has great news for men and women who suffer from Diastasis Recti, or a separation of rectus abdominis muscle. The rectus abdominis is the center muscle of the abdomen, which is commonly referred to as the “six pack” muscle. When pregnant or overweight, this muscle must elongate to accommodate the growing belly. Due to a lack of sufficient strength and elasticity to cope with the strain of a larger belly, the rectus abdominis muscle ends up splitting in the mid line. This condition is generally seen in pregnancies with very large babies, or with twins and triplets. Men who are described to have a “beer belly,” in which the fat is layered above and below the rectus abdominis, often have a Diastasis Recti as a result of the excessive outward pressure that the fat places against the abdominal wall.

A separation that is larger than 2 cm, or 2 finger widths, is considered significant and has a high likelihood of causing pain and discomfort for the patient. The location of separation differs from above, at the level, or below the umbilicus (belly button). The rectus abdominis muscle is very important for support to the lumbar spine and pelvis, and separation of this muscle can significantly contribute to lower back pain. Diastasis rectus is reversible with corrective exercises, and once the separation is reduced to lesser than 2 finger widths, conventional abdominal strengthening can be resumed.

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