If you require Physical Therapy I highly recommend you see Dr. Ivan Hernandez from Executive Park PT. I was in much pain on my first visit with a pinched nerve and many other problems with my leg, hip and back, Dr. Hernandez takes the time to explain what he is going to do for you and then proceeds to gives you a long range regiment to follow at home. Within 10 days the pinched nerve was pain was almost gone and it was a forward “getting better” for me. Two months later I am happy to say I can exercise, walk, sit, drive and sleep without pain. His staff is also very professional and knowledgeable too. Again, a big Thank You to Dr. Hernandez!

Carolee Sunderland, 12/5/14

Without question, Dr. Hernandez is the best health care professional I have ever worked with. I struggled with chronic knee pain for almost ten years and I had seen numerous orthopedists, sports medicine specialized primary care physicians, chiropractors, and other physical therapists for treatment. Dr. Hernandez was the first healthcare provider to find and treat the underlying cause of my injury. Most importantly, he worked with me, so I could move and exercise at a high level again. He will undoubtedly be the first person I consult with if I ever have another injury and I would recommend him to all of my family and friends.

Michael S, 12/1/14

When I started PT, I was unable to walk up the stairs without a great deal of pain. I just finished my last session and I have no pain at all. Everyone here is very courteous, professional, and good at their jobs. I feel so grateful!

Carol Holden, 11/18/14

Tirzah was marvellous — don’t let her get away! The therapy was very helpful. I’m sure I will use these services again. Thank you all.

Zita Radko, 6/12/14

I was very satisfied with most of the help I had at this physical therapy. I am glad I found a perfect therapist that accepted my insurance and I would refer to anyone who is looking for help.

Stephanie Ariza, 5/23/14

I’ve been coming to this facility to receive physical therapy from Lauara. It’s been a wonderful experience and a great benefit to my body. I also would like to thank each and every staff member for doing their part in making this office a great place to come to.

Kenneth Torres, 5/23/14

I valued the help that I received from all of the staff and therapists. It left me not only physically better but also mentally better.

William Robertson, 5/22/14

I loved everything. I feel much better! I will tell everyone about you. Thank you so much for everything.

Ana Reyes, 5/16/14

Therapy here was very pleasant. Really felt that the treatment helped. Felt like I was in family. The wait wasn’t bad at all. When I had emergencies and had to come in early or leave early, I was accommodated very well. I’m satisfied and grateful with this facility.

Ana Reyes, 5/16/14

I wanted to thank you for all of the work that you did with me. Your willingness to work collaboratively with my doctor was not only extremely effective, it streamlined the communication process, making my life easier.Your ability to adapt to the changing nature of my back/hip issues was very successful and I fell good for the first time in a long time! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of PT, including myself if it became necessary in the future. Thank you for your good work.

Sue Hyatt, 2/25/14

My podiatrist, Nancy Moskowitz, referred me to Dr. Ivan Hernandez at Executive Park Physical Therapy for treatment of heel pain I experienced while running with minimalist running shoes. I was concerned that I might be at risk of injuring myself further by continuing to run until the actual cause could be determined. After X-rays, nerve testing, and MRI’s failed to identify any clear causality for my symptoms, Dr. Hernandez, using a diagnostic tool that measures flexibility was able to focus attention on the structural/mechanical issues that were contributing to my problem and develop a specific exercise regimen that has proven to be exactly what I needed to be able to return to running without pain and without fear of further injury. Thank you for your good work.

Robin B, 2/11/14

I cannot speak highly enough of Darshana Naik. She has been a tremendous support, not only for my physical well-being, but also emotionally throughout my pregnancy. She is very compassionate and really listened to my concerns and physical symptoms and used that information to treat me as a whole person and not just an injury or condition. Darshana’s expertise in pre-natal physical therapy was clear from my first meeting with her. She used that to help me continue to be able to run around after my very active three year old as well as maintain a healthy pregnancy. All of this while treating the arthritis, bone spurs, and previously slipped disks in my lower back. Not only did she treat me, but she always made my daughter feel welcome during my treatments. This allowed me to continue treatment, even while being a stay at home mom. Without Darshana’s kindness and compassion for my daughter, I would not have felt comfortable continuing with treatment. Needless to say, I am very grateful for her expertise and since we have moved to Texas, very much miss her support.

Rebecca Nguyen, 11/27/2013

I am grateful to Dr. Hernandez who understood that I was not willing to give up my spin classes even though I had hamstring tendonitis. He had me use a heel lift for uneven leg length and lower my seat on the spin bike while I underwent 4 weeks of PT. He was a fabulous physical therapist and I am now pain free and spinning!

Bev Milich, 9/25/2013

After using other physical therapists in the area, I can say Dr. Hernandez was the best. Executive Park Physical Therapy gives its patients a lot of attention and great resources. If I ever need PT again, I know where to go. Thanks.

David Mathless, 8/30/2013

I want to thank Dr Hernandez and his wonderful staff for helping me overcome pain and discomfort for my lower back issue. Five years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and stenosis and was advised to give up many of the sports I participated in. I was no longer able to play golf, run or just wake up in the morning without pain. Like many others, I was sent to Physical Therapy (at another facility) to learn how to cope with my discomfort. While I did get some relief, I was still unable to participate in many activities as the pain would always return. While strength training at Sal’s Pro, I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Hernandez, who had just recently opened up his Briarcliff office. We discussed my situation and he thought he could help me. I gave it a try and have been delighted with the results. Having been to Physical Therapy previously, I was amazed at the difference in treatment; from the very comprehensive screening, treatment and the careful demonstration of exercises. Not only is the staff terrific, but the facility is top notch. Currently, I’m back on the golf course and enjoying many of the other activities I enjoy.

Mark G, 8/29/13

I was treated at the Yonkers facility for a period of 14 weeks. My evaluation of the staff, as well as the professionalism with which I was treated, was excellent. Thank you, Laura!

Ernesto Aguero, 8/21/2013

I have enjoyed these past six sessions and they have helped. I will continue to do my exercises, etc. each day. I want to thank all of you for making my sessions great. You are a fantastic group and I wish you continued success.

Doris C, 8/16/13

My experience at Executive Park Physical Therapy in Elmsford has very delighting. Dr. Ivan Hernandez is committed, dedicated, and thorough. His nice personality permeates the office. All those that work there have a pleasing personality. I did get better and that was a plus. He also gave me a lot of exercises to do at home.

Florence Preston

In my line of work, my hands and arms are very important. So when I had to undergo two surgeries — one to repair a torn rotator cuff and one to repair a torn ligament in my wrist — I began to research physical therapists in my area. I chose Executive Park Physical Therapy because of advice I received about a specific physical therapist named Darshana who works there. I am very pleased I listened. Six weeks after my shoulder surgery, Darshana worked very hard to get my range of motion and 50% of the strength in my shoulder back because I was going under the knife again for a torn ligament in my wrist. One week before my wrist surgery, I had full range of motion and about 65% strength in my shoulder. I came back a week after my second surgery with a full hard cast on my right wrist, but that did not deter her dedication. Darshana continued to work hard to get my shoulder back to 100%, adjusting exercises and different weightlifting motions so that I could do it while in a cast. Six weeks later, the cast came off my wrist and it was time to move on to doing physical therapy. Due to Darshana’s hard work, my shoulder was fully healed and just required maintenance, so I was able to focus on my wrist. Darshana continued to work with me very closely even though her workload increased. She saw more patients and it never felt like I had less attention from her. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Executive Park Physical Therapy and their staff. Every day I was greeted with a warm smile and a hello from the point when I walked in the door until I was done with treatment for the day. I was made to feel comfortable and pleased for every hurdle that I passed. Most of all, I would like to express the gratitude that I have for Darshana for working so closely and diligently on my injuries to get me back to 100% and never letting up on my recovery.

Reggie Irizarry, 8/7/2013

I was treated at the Elmsford office by Darshana for post-surgery therapy on a torn rotator cuff and labrum. Having never been through physical therapy before, I came in expecting it to be a dreadful experience. After completing 12 weeks of therapy, my mind has been changed. Obviously any kind of therapy is going to be a struggle, but Darshana went out of her way to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experience as possible. My sessions started with a greeting from the smiling face of Arianna at the front desk. Then I was handed over to Alvin, who assisted Darshana in preparing my exercises. The staff has been properly trained to work with personalities of all ranges and ages. Throughout my therapy, Darshana was very informative about the progress I was making and where I should be. Although running was not part of my prescribed therapy, I casually mentioned my desire to get back into my routine. From that day forward, Darshana supplemented the downtime in my official therapy routine with knowledge and exercises I would need to resume running. The extra advice was much appreciated. I hope I don’t ever need physical therapy again, but if I do, I’ll be back at Executive Park Physical Therapy.

Ryan Smith, 7/29/2013

I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus and arthritis of the left knee. My experience here has been one of kindness and appreciation for the patients that Ruchi sees. She is constantly aware of everyone’s progress in everything they do on each therapy machine. She keeps track of everyone at all times. I am especially grateful since I have asthma and she monitors my breathing problems. This is my second time at Executive Park and I could not ask for a better therapist.


I had a very, very positive experience at Executive Park Physical Therapy. When I started in June, I was in very severe pain, but now I feel so much better. My therapist, Ruchi, has been awesome! She taught me so much to help me on my road to recovery. I am very sad I have had to leave now, but insurance companies will be insurance companies. I will sorely miss everyone here as they were all very helpful.

Joan Ortiz, 7/7/2013

I just want to express my appreciation to you and the entire staff at Executive Park Physical Therapy. As a result of your caring and devotion to each and every patient, those that make the effort to listen, put in the time, and follow your lead get stronger and healthier. Additionally, we leave with the knowledge of what we need to do to continue on the road to overcoming our bodies’ shortfalls. I can’t express enough how everyone who is a part of your organization exceeded every one of my expectations. It is hard to find a group, in any field, as devoted as yourself and the entire staff. Please keep up the good work and accept my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Paul Stascavage, 5/6/2013

This place is the very best in Westchester — not only because it is well-equipped but also because it has some genuinely magical therapists taking care of patients. We happily recommend it to anyone who needs physical therapy. Go see Darshana Niak and Alvin Mathew, at the Elmsford location. You will be treated like royalty and cared for by the two best therapists in all of Westchester County, NY. Darshana and Alvin have converted skeptics like us into believing that there might be hope for our old bones too. Maybe one of these days we’ll get to be 100% again. Thanks guys, and a mammoth God Bless.

Sarita and Kalé (your two most ardent fans)

I would love to give all of the faculty a warm, loving, supporting, and caring thanks for all the help and assistance. It was surprisingly a fun time. All the members and workers are friendly, nice, and funny — believe me, I know! After everything I have been through, they put a smile on my face. If there is one thing they are good at, they make your frown turn upside down. There is so much I could say about the faculty but I wouldn’t have enough space so just know they are fun, exuberant, caring, thoughtful, and kind.

Anthony Spatalo

Dr. Hernandez, I would like to thank you once again for the exceptional service that I have received from you and your Elmsford staff. This was the fourth time I have used your physical therapy services here in Elmsford. Each time has not only greatly helped me with my ongoing health issues, but has also been a great learning experience for me. I listen closely to your explanations of how the mechanics of the human body work, ( I have noticed that you do this with all of your patients) I find it extraordinary your depth of knowledge. It is pretty rare ( I have been treated elsewhere) to find someone who can not only treat a persons physical problems, but can also explain the reason for what is being done so that it can be comprehended, make sense, and the new knowledge can hopefully help prevent or reduce future issues. I find myself, here at my own business, frequently telling my own customers about you. I don’t do this for anyone unless I am pretty impressed. Keep up the fantastic work.

Daniel B

Dr. Ivan Hernandez: I’d like to take this opportunity to commend you on your outstanding facility and staff; in particular Darshana Naik. Darshana was my Physical Therapist from April to October. Darshana’s caliber of professionalism, demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in her trade, genuine care and concern, and soothing personality made my first ever Physical Therapy (PT) experience a positive one. I had sustained a fracture of the ball and joint as well as a tear of my Rotator Cuff to my right shoulder which greatly impacted my quality of life as well as my ability to perform my duties and responsibilities as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army. When I began my Physical Therapy (PT) Program with Darshana, I had less than 70% mobility and was in daily, excruciating pain. Within three (3) months of PT, I had regained 50% of themobility back to my right shoulder, was no longer in excruciating pain, and was able to resume majority of my day-to-day activities as both a civilian and military service member. By the time I was discharged (end of October), theOrthopedic Surgeon at the Keller Army Community Hospital was both amazed and impressed with the level of my recovery. His initial prognosis of necessarysurgery went from great to not necessary and I attribute it all to the excellent care given me by Darshana. Darshana is a well respected and lovedPhysical Therapist and I would highly recommend her to any family member or friend.

//original signed// Mrs. Eve Gonzalez White Citizen-Warrior

Dr. Hernandez and his team helped me recover from a severely ruptured patellar tendon. Thanks to my therapy sessions at Executive Park Physical Therapy, I was back on the basketball court 5 months ahead of what my orthopedic surgeon predicted! What was most impressive to me is the holistic approach Dr. Hernandez took to keep my cardio health and the uninvolved leg in great condition. This complete regimen allowed me to get back to my normal pre-injury routine in an accelerated time frame. The staff made me feel like family. I couldn’t imagine a better experience or result during such a challenging time in my life.

Josha B., Yonkers, NY

My name is Charles Moodie. I suffered a ruptured patella tendon on October 23, 2011 while playing basketball. I underwent reconstructive surgery to repair my patella tendon and then was placed in a knee immobilizer for six weeks. After six weeks I began therapy at Executive Park Orthopedic & Sports PT (let the fun begin). Immediately Dr. Hernandez evaluated my injury and put a plan together to get me back on the basketball court. Within six weeks, I developed scar tissue, which made it hard and painful for me to bend my knee. Dr. Hernandez and his team (Darshana, Fatima, Divia, Jess, Francis, and I can’t forget Elaine) were very patient with me (even though I wasn’t patient with them). They encouraged me and did everything in their power to make me comfortable. I’m glad to say today, 6 months afterwards, that I have full range of motion, I have no pain in my knee, and I am back to riding my bike, jogging and playing a basketball with my sons. I just want to thank everyone at Executive Park Orthopedic for bringing wellness back to my life – to a point that is quite the contrary to what appeared initially an unwakable nightmare.

Charles Moodie

I’d like to thank Dr. Hernandez and his great staff for helping me with my mild sciatica, knee pain, and foot pain. I took the Select Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) with Dr. Hernandez, and he completely figured out the reasons for my issues in about 25 minutes. He prescribed a quick daily regiment, and I feel like my right hip, lower abdomin, and lower back have woken up from a 30 year nap. I’m excited to continue on my path to recovery and feeling stronger. If you are walking around with pain and discomfort on a daily basis, you really do not need to do so anymore if you follow the sound advice of Dr. Hernandez and his staff.

Todd W.

I find that all of the staff at Executive Park Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy are warm and conscientious individuals. It is always a wonderful experience to attend my physical therapy sessions with them. However, more specifically, my physical therapist Ruchi is amazing! From the outset, she precisely diagnosed my discomfort and prescribed a course of treatment that has eliminated a major source of my back pain! Truly incredible, because prior to my attending the therapeutic sessions, I thought that I would be destined to a life term of constant aggravating back pain but now that is not the case. Therefore, I thank you, my therapist extraordinaire Ruchi and the supporting staff at Executive Park Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy for restoring me to my former self.

Norman G.

I recently was cared for and treated at Executive Park Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I am a nurse practitioner with 15 years of nursing experience and I can say without any doubt that Dr. Hernandez and his team are by far superior in their field. Not only did I see rapid results but Dr. Hernandez took his time in explaining my condition and reassured me that with his tailored home regimen I would make a full recovery and be back to my pre-injury condition in a reasonable amount of time. I have already made significant improvements after my initial visit and I was suffering from 3 different injuries simultaneously. I strongly recommend Executive Park Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy to anyone who is in need making a full recovery in a short amount of time.

R.Hernandez, MS, FNP, CEN, CCRN

Just a note to commend the staff at Executive Park Physical Therapy. I have been in really great places in my life time but you people are the absolute best! I’ve never received such caring attention with great knowledge. Special commendation to Ruchi, my therapist. She is great, attentive, and very knowledgeable. I leave each session feeling so much better and all the remaining patients, although they are in pain have smiles on their faces.

Tom Cianci

I sprained my ankle this past April and was referred to a few different places for physical therapy. I checked the list and found Executive Park Physical Therapy. My fiancé had previously been there for back problems and had a good experience, so I decided to give them a shot. I’m so glad I did because between the welcoming and cozy therapy office, the very knowledgeable and dedicated staff, and the convenient location (very close to my home), I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The team was professional and still very down to earth/ easy to talk to. They did a great job helping me transition from my crutches to walking in heels again! A special thank you to Darshana, Ash, Francis, and Ellie who were all my weekly support team and cheerleaders! I definitely recommend Executive Park Physical Therapy to anyone in need of some good PT.

Silvia P.

I’ve been attending Physical Therapy at Executive Park for two years, and the experience has been wonderful. I’ve received excellent treatment and have been treated like family throughout my time here. My shoulders are recovered and I am finally returning to my preinjured state thanks to the hard work put in by the therapists and staff at Executive Park.

Gowardhan Lal

Thanks to Dr. Hernandez, and his wonderful staff, Ruchi, Ellie and Fatima, my husband finally heard the words, “You’re discharged.” In June of 2012, he had a spinal fusion of 9 discs at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. After such a long hospitalization and being confined to bed for a month because of all the complications, Enrico was frightened, depressed and unsure of himself and wondered if he would ever be able to return to being the person he was. Thankfully, he was admitted to the Rehab . Dept. at the hospital and was discharged in August walking with a walker, but still weak. After a long search to find the right out-patient physical therapist, we found Dr. Hernandez. As soon as we met him, we knew we were in the right place. His total professionalism, expertise in his field and the compassion he showed Enrico, helped him surpass his expectations. After each session, he felt stronger and more confident and looked forward to all the various exercises that gave him the strength and confidence he needed, and is now walking straight without assistance. There are therapists and then there is Dr. Hernandez……he is the epitome of what a therapist should be. We thank you for your dedication and thank you for being that special you.

Anita and Enrico Ambrogi, Yonkers NY

You did a fantastic job of rehabbing my knee both before and after meniscus surgery. I am back playing basketball faster than I expected. I appreciated your approach to rehabilitation, not just addressing the injury, but also addressing what could have led to the injury to make sure I do not end up back there with the same problem. Many thanks.

Marc L.

Approximately two years ago, I required physical therapy following a rotator cuff surgery. I had a fine surgeon who not only did a good job surgically, but recommended me to Dr. Hernandez. From the first moment i was in his care, I knew that this Physical Therapist was not only the most knowledgeable and skilled, but the most compassionate. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hernandez for any kind of injury. Regardless of his patient load, he takes the time to really listen to his patients and finds ways to help you reach your goal and minimize or eliminate your pain. He is easy to talk to and work with. That is important when you are trying to express your level of pain or weakness. His staff is also highly skilled, professional, caring and friendly. I have recovered completely from my injury. Thank you Dr. Hernandez and your staff for making my physical therapy not only productive but less painful. Thank you for being the best. I will never go anywhere else or recommend any other Physical Therapist.

Patricia Van Hee

I have suffered from extensive back issues, but thanks to the professionals at Executive Park PT I am more flexible and in less pain. The service is friendly and caring at Executive Park Physical Therapy, and they make you feel welcome. They put a lot of care to your needs, and they are truly excellent. To all of you that suffer from back pain, I would like to recommend that you to see what Executive Park PT can do for you. Thank you for your service.

Evangelina Gonzalez de Garcia

I’ve been taking physical therapy for my lower back pain at Executive Park Physical Therapy. I had a great amount of pain before I started treatment, but after a few sessions it has already decreased. The people assisting me are very amiable and friendly. Since I started my therapy sessions, I’m feeling much better. I have been able to get back to work, and I have GREAT hope in making a full recovery thanks to Executive Park Physical Therapy. I am very thankful to be treated for my back pain at Executive Park Physical Therapy, and I would recommend for anyone with back pain to seek treatment here.